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Joe Humphries
Author | Speaker | Executive Leadership

Joe Humphries
Author | Speaker | Executive Leadership

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Joe Humphries is the author of the book: “From the Projects to the Boardroom.” The odds were against Joe and he grew up in poverty, living in a bleak housing project with no clear way out and no bright future in sight. So how did he become a successful executive with top-level corporate positions?

Joe has over 20 years of corporate C-suite executive leadership experience, specializing in crisis management and turnaround of distressed companies. He has successfully led corporations through seasons of significant disruption, change, crisis, conflict, and cultural transformation.

He has gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to offer to senior executives. His experience and corporate leadership background have uniquely gifted him to be a sounding board and advise leaders through the unique challenges they are faced with. The results of Joe’s work have been measured in hundreds of millions of dollars in operational improvements.

Joe is also a survivor of occupational burnout. After a two-year process of digging out of a deep pit of anxiety and burnout, he now shares the healing and lessons he learned with executives that are on the brink of burnout– and those who have ‘hit the wall’ and find themselves unable to restore their energy, leadership, and productiveness.

Joe’s book, From the Projects to the Boardroom, is his story about hope, healing, encouragement, forgiveness, and being raised in the projects by a God-fearing single mother and God taking him on a journey and never letting go of my hand. That journey took him out of the extreme poverty of the housing projects and into the boardroom of several major corporations. Joe has also spoken at CEO luncheons, sales meetings, corporate events, athletic teams, schools, and churches. Joe was honored to be a guest interviewee on KLOVE radio about his book in celebration and honoring single parents for National Single Parents Day.

In addition to his professional experience, Joe brings a wealth of qualifications to his work.

He completed the following Advanced Management Leadership Programs:

• MIT Sloan School of Management – Global Supply Chain Strategy & Management – Advanced Executive Program
• University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business – Operational Excellence – Advanced Executive Program
• Center for Creative Leadership – Leadership at the Peak
• American Production Inventory Control Society (APICS) – Certified Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)
• 8 Disciplines of Problem-Solving model – A quality methodology developed by Ford Motor Company

Joe also believes in serving through community and ministry organizations:

• Board of Directors, Church Initiative publishing ministry
• Five years as a Colonel for the “We Build People Program” at his local YMCA
• Advisory board member for the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union (SECU)
• Elder at Crossroads Fellowship

In addition, Joe received an award from the state of North Carolina, presented by the Governor, for his dedication and devotion to volunteer service within the community.


Finding Your SafePlace

For Pastors

For Executives

Finding Your SafePlace

For Pastors

For Executives


“Joe Humphries captures so well the devastation that an absentee father brings, and yet he tells us a greater story of redemption. A faithful, hardworking loving, and praying mom. A mentor he eventually called Dad. And a stranger in the airport who laid bare Joe’s deepest longing. Behind these and other people in Joe’s life stands a God who plucked him from the projects and placed him in the boardroom—and then called him to share that story with you and me. This story of grief and loss, hope and healing puts on radiant display the love and faithfulness of our true Father, who will never leave us or forsake us.”

Dr. Russell L. Meek, Adjunct Instructor of Hebrew and Old Testament, Moody Theological and Visiting Professor of Old Testament, William Tennent School of Theology

“This is a book you will not be able to put down. What a wonderful story of faith, hope, and love. Prepare yourself to shed some tears, but also know there will be moments of joy that will make you want to shout!”

Dr. Daniel L. Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“Joe is a truly gifted speaker with the rare ability to connect with the hearts of an audience… No audience will ever be the same after hearing Joe.”
Dr. Mark Cross

Nearly 25 years ago, I met Joe and knew immediately that he was special. He was bold, vocal, and a go-getter.

Asa L. Bell, Jr., Principal at The Law Office of Asa L. Bell & Certified Superior Mediator

Joe’s life is an amazing journey that started in a single-parent home in a housing project and led to the upper echelons of corporate executive life… He has now dedicated his life to helping others overcome their struggles and achieve more than they could ever imagine.

Steve Grissom, Founder/CEO of Church Initiative Publishing Company

The world is starving for LOVE, HOPE, HEALING, ENCOURAGEMENT, and DIRECTION at a time of unrest… I have witnessed Joe going into very troubled cities around this nation and making a positive impact by serving others.

Frank Harrison, Chairman & CEO, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc.



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