Men’s Tailgate Conference

Great time challenging the men to protect their Character, Courage to defend their families, and Commitment to God.

“Joe will draw you in with his honesty, humility, passion, and encouragement.”

Jordan Johnson, Senior Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church, Lovelady, TX

“Joe teaches us that compassion, grace, and humility are not a weakness and not something that you’re born with but can be learned and it is a must to live a fulfilling life for us all.”

Carl DeTorres CEO of Flex Logistics, Orange County California

“Joe has a story that will inspire, uplift, motivate and cause each of us to reevaluate how effectively we are using our God-given gifts to better this world.”

Asa L. Bell, Jr. Principal at The Law Office of Asa L. Bell & Certified Superior Mediator

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