Helping Pastors Beyond The Pulpit

Why is SafePlace so important for pastors and church leaders?

Increasingly, pastors and church leaders are facing pressures that affect their ability to minister effectively:

• Overload
• Shrinking resources
• Cultural changes
• Burnout
• Discouragement

The Finding Your SafePlace program focuses on two key strategies to help build and encourage church leaders:


How Encouragement from Lay People Helps Keep Pastors in a Safe Place

What is SafePlace?

Finding Your SafePlace is a straightforward, habit changing seminar taught by expert executive coach and consultant Joe Humphries. When Joe speaks to your leadership team, he will help them:

• Protect what’s most critical —health, family, and success
• Proactively avoid personal crises
• Prioritize and invest in the most essential relationships
• Discover the connection between accountability and long-term success

Why is it important?

Today, only a few leaders focus on success without protecting the relationships and resources that contribute most to it. While this bears fruit in the short term, it constrains productivity and often leads to avoidable crises such as burnout. Finding Your SafePlace teaches you and your team to prioritize and guard the often-forgotten ingredients necessary for repeated success.

Who is SafePlace for?

• Pastors
• Senior church staff
• Key lay volunteers
• Potential leaders

Is it accessible?

Yes! Finding Your SafePlace can be taught live in person or virtually. It works for groups or one-toone. Customize the number of sessions to fit your
team’s needs.


• How to find your SafePlace
• How to create a healthy lifestyle.
• Improve your marriage and relationships.
• Protect your most valuable assets (yourself FIRST and then your family).

• Avoid the tragedy of burnout.
• Share life with the RIGHT people in your SafePlace.
• Lead in a way that will protect your integrity.
• Verify your PURPOSE with people in your SafePlace

• Replicate SafePlace – a pathway for the development of SafePlace participants to become local in-person SafePlace leaders
• Be successful inside and outside of your home.

About Joe Humphries

Joe Humphries is a senior-level executive, church elder, author and speaker.
Joe has successfully led organizations and businesses through seasons of significant disruption, crisis, conflict, and cultural transformation.
As an executive, Joe experienced a season of severe burnout. After recovering, he’s adapted the lessons he learned to create the Finding Your SafePlace program.

Joe is also the author of From the Projects to the Boardroom.

It’s the story of his amazing journey from poverty to senior executive leadership. In the book, Joe shares how he was raised by a single mom who bathed him in prayer and inspired his personal faith in God.

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